Kitchen Design at a Distance During COVID19


THE NEW REALITY We are all living in a new world. Children are homeschooled by parents. Everyone works from home. "Social distancing" is our new vocabulary. Connecting for happy hour with our friends via the internet is not considered drinking alone:). Meeting with clients and coworkers over Zoom is a joyous part of our day. [...]

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3 Steps to Managing Renovation Costs


I was with a client yesterday who asked me how many change orders to expect during their kitchen renovation. When I told him it is rare that we have a change order he was shocked. He asked me how that is possible because change orders often add up to many additional costs during renovations. They [...]

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Overwhelmed by Kitchen Remodeling Decisions?


That diagram at the top….that shows some of the decisions that go into a remodel. If you overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make for your kitchen remodel you are not alone. We have calculated that there are over 100 decisions that will need to be made before and during a kitchen remodel. [...]

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Renovate or Relocate?


Deciding to renovate a home is an important financial decision.  Many factors come into play.  How much can we afford to spend? What is our goal of the project? Will we price ourselves out of the market for our neighborhood? Should we move instead of invest?  "Before deciding to remodel or move, consider your emotional [...]

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Kitchen Design-Is it Business or Is It Personal?


It is summer and the time of new beginnings. The long awaited remodeling projects suddenly have a sense of urgency. You want a fresh new look in your home. The kitchen has been due for an update for some time and you are ready to take the plunge. But where do you start? There are [...]

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