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I spent my childhood days painting rocks, designing dance routines, rearranging my room and building houses out of legos. I could see the possibilities of a space and would rearrange rooms in my mind. As an adult, I shopped vintage home sales, repurposed furniture, and reupholstered chairs. I bought homes and remodeled them, over and over again…until one day I realized I had found my purpose.

“My job as a designer is being able to tell my client’s stories through the things they choose for their home. What they’ve seen, who they’ve loved, and where they hope to go next.”

An ever changing landscape of creation is where I live and dream. I see the world as a playground for inspiration and people as the impetus to creating designs that serve their needs, bring families together and sooth their souls.

I believe design should be fun and that everyone has their own personal designer living within them. Through a collaborative design journey I help others discover their own passion and their own sense of design. The results are unique spaces and surprise endings.

“To me, decorating is the pursuit of what could make a room more interesting, more harmonious, better, what can be discovered, unearthed, combined.”